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Canada’s Great Housing Recession — and How to Prevent it

Perceptions of the resilience of Canada's banking system dates back to 2008. But a closer look reveals that things are not as stable as commonly believed.

Responding to a Review

The Canadian Journal has recently reviewed Ending Bigly, Eh? The Many Fates of Justin Trudeau, and I, as editor of the volume, would like to respond.

Reflections: A Review of Ending Bigly, Eh?

The ending of Ending Bigly is the strongest offering from the entire anthology.

The Neo-Medieval Constitution: Part 4

Fawcett brings his series to a close, discussing the history of the Canadian Constitution, and contrasting it with the 1982 additions before providing his closing thoughts.

Protest in the Canadian Manner

Canadians from across the country have converged on the national capital for an extended protest. What does this event look like up close?

The Neo-Medieval Constitution: Part 3

Fawcett continues the series with a study of the origins of English common law.

Thrown From Failing Hands: The Betrayal of Canada’s Honourable Dead

Is modern Canada the home our veterans fought for?
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