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Is Canada Dead?

It is necessary to take a serious look at the state of the Canadian nation, and her relationship with the post national state that governs her.

Violence and Political Action

How can revolution be achieved if your political representatives keep getting co-opted by the establishment? Georges Sorel believed the answer was violence.

An Era of Change

John Diefenbaker's time in office presided over a transitory period in Canadian identity, as the country struggled between two great powers.

Canada’s Future is Radical Decentralization

Mark Hecht suggests that globalization is contingent on technology and social cohesion, a balance that is upended by decline, chaos, and authoritarianism. People's needs become local as greater political structures subside—God is high above and the Tsar is far away.

What’s Left to Conserve

Time seems to be going by faster than ever before. The pre-pandemic world feels like a lifetime ago, and the hectic chaos of 2016 is an increasingly distant memory. Technology has shrunk distance and a month spans an eon, leaving each of us lost in the morass of the everyday

Banking on a Crash

Young Canadian adults entering the housing market find that they have been dealt a losing hand. This leaves many of them wishing that the game would come to an end rather than try to win in the current scenario.

Porn Affects Everyone—Including You

When exposing the harm of online pornography, too often the focus is on the struggle of the individual consumer. Less attention is directed towards its impact on society at large; forcing us to access who the real victims are, and what can be done.
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