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Western Separation Begets Annexation

Western alienation is bubbling in Alberta, threatening to rip apart confederation and install a Western republic in Canadian territory. However, conservative separatists do not understand that leaving Canada behind means charting a path towards a much more sinister future.

A Glance into General Vance

After thirty-nine years of service General Jonathan Vance, Chief of the Defense Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces, has retired. His contribution could be seen as sharp concerning foreign affairs, though severely lacking in respect to his leadership.

Navigating Canada in the 21st Century

"Those who crowed at Diefenbaker's fall did not understand the policies of government that were essential if Canada was to survive. In their derision they showed, whether they were aware of it or not, that they really paid allegiance to the homogenized culture of the American Empire"

The Pandemic of Pornography: A Poison to our Children

Looking at the current state of pornography in Canada one must wonder, where did this all begin? The answer to the latter question is simple. There was never a debate on the legalization of pornography. We were never asked if we wanted it in our society.


89% of Canadians oppose mobs destroying the historic statues of our national figures, and 69% oppose any government actions to destroy these monuments

Judicial Tyranny

While the parliament may have been the highest power in the government historically, the implementation of the Canadian Charter in 1982 has brought this state of affairs into question, with the contemporary Canadian parliament being subservient to the Canadian Supreme Court.

The Pornography Pandemic: Part 1

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