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Canadian History

Traditional Living in the Modern World

Many on the right pine for what they regard to be traditional living. But what does this term mean in reality?

The Meaning of Nation

Civic nationalism and patriotism are often described as being distinct from ancestral nationalism, but all of these concepts come from the same roots.

The Present Grows From the Past

Liberals think that history is a straight line of continuous progress. Conservatives know that the past is not to be discarded, as it forms the basis for our existence.

Christianity Saved the Roman Empire

By the time Christianity arrived in Rome, traditional Roman religion and morality was collapsing. Christianity was the only answer for a Roman Empire rotting from the inside out.

The Impact of the Winnipeg Strike

In 1919, workers across Winnipeg walked out on the job. Their decision produced consequences that are felt to this day.

Why French? Why not Nsyilxcen?

We know that English and French are Canada's official languages. But do the country's anglophones enjoy the same connection to their language as their neighbours across the Ottawa?

The Strange Effect of Internment Camps

Cultural assimilation is often assumed to be driven by an immigrant's love of their new home. But a look at Canada's past shows that negative reinforcement can be just as effective.
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