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Canadian History

Christianity Saved the Roman Empire

By the time Christianity arrived in Rome, traditional Roman religion and morality was collapsing. Christianity was the only answer for a Roman Empire rotting from the inside out.

The Impact of the Winnipeg Strike

In 1919, workers across Winnipeg walked out on the job. Their decision produced consequences that are felt to this day.

Why French? Why not Nsyilxcen?

We know that English and French are Canada's official languages. But do the country's anglophones enjoy the same connection to their language as their neighbours across the Ottawa?

The Strange Effect of Internment Camps

Cultural assimilation is often assumed to be driven by an immigrant's love of their new home. But a look at Canada's past shows that negative reinforcement can be just as effective.

The End of Canada's Tory Age

If Canada's origins lay in Toryism, when did the default party become liberal, and how did the Tories fall?

Oh What a Lovely War

Today is Remembrance Day, a day on which we remember those who went before us. Those who fought, were wounded, and who died at the behest of our nation. What then remains to be said? Again and again, our tiny frontier nation marched to war at the behest of our

Macdonell on the Heights

“Were it not for the death of General Brock and Macdonell our victory would have been glorious… but in losing our man… is [sic] an irreparable loss”
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