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89% of Canadians oppose mobs destroying the historic statues of our national figures, and 69% oppose any government actions to destroy these monuments

Tribalism is the State of Nature

The modern Conservative bows down to individualism, but this is a liberal concept at its root. In reality, tribalism is the natural state of Man.

Who Are We?

Modern Canadian identity is found in performative consumption. To be a Modern Canadian is merely to consume Tim Hortons, to wear the branding of your local ‘Canadian’ sports team.

Who Were We?

The Canadian conservative, at least in its heritage, is not the modern Tory, who is fiscally ‘conservative’ and socially ‘liberal’, but rather a Red Tory of Macdonald and Grant, for whom social conservatism was a given, necessary for the stability, order, and happiness of a society.

What are We Conserving?

In the consideration of politics a movement’s goals are of crucial importance. What do they hope to achieve? Why are they doing what they are doing? Only by beginning with their ends can a movement undertake a project with absolute certainty and single-minded determination; any other attitude can only
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