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Episode 8: The Issues with Wexit

Ryan, John and C.J discuss the issues with the Wexit movement both philosophically and practically. Delving into  the history of separation in Canada, the loss of the "culture war" and the power of institutions. RSS: https://www.spreaker.com/show/4452466/episodes/feed DIRECT DOWNLOAD: https://api.spreaker.com/

Episode 7: Conservative Leadership Election

Ryan, Don and Richard discuss what the victory of Erin O'Toole means for conservatism in Canada and the worrying future of social conservatism in Canada

Episode 6: George Grant, Lament for a Nation

The George Grant fan club spends an hour and a half discussing the ideas found within Lament for a Nation and some of the ideas put forward in his essays on Technology and Technique

Episode 5: Canada Day Protest Interviews

Ryan, Don and Richard discuss some clips taken from conservative protestors at the Ottawa Protests. With protests occurring in front of the US embassy and parliament. DOWNLOAD AND RSS Direct Download: https://api.spreaker.com/v2/episodes/39527091/download.mp3 RSS: https://www.spreaker.com/show/4452466/episodes/feed

Episode 4: Media and Post Modernism

Donoso and John discuss the influence of media upon one's perceived reality. Delving into the canon of media theorists before turning to discuss post modernism.

Episode 3: CPC Leadership Debate

Ryan, Donoso and Richard sit down and discuss the CPC leadership debate. Exploring strengths and flaws within each candidate and asking questions about the future of the party.

Episode 2: A Report from the American Provinces

The guys discuss the extent of the American Empire and the relationship between power, media and culture. Now with 50% less breathing ASMR.
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