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Discussing the future of Canada

The Incoherence of Individualism

Most modern liberal thought has its roots in Enlightenment philosophy: "I think, therefore I am". But can "I" think in a vacuum?

The Myth of Progress

What evidence is there that the cracks are beginning to form on this long ascent to a brighter tomorrow? To quoth the Seekers, “The Carnival is over”. The fundamental reality is that infinite growth is impossible upon a finite planet.

Critique of Modern Psycho-Political Theory

"The category of “conservative” seems to be better defined as “not-liberal"

The Need For Conviction

The religious zealotry of Progressives is regarded by Conservatives with derision. But that passion is precisely what has propelled the former to power.

Conservatism: The Liberalism of Ten Years Past

In the conservative narrative of progress, liberals are the vanguard of inevitable historical change. In the liberal narrative, conservatives are speed bumps to be overcome.

Tribalism is the State of Nature

The modern Conservative bows down to individualism, but this is a liberal concept at its root. In reality, tribalism is the natural state of Man.

Liberalism On Trial Part 4: The Christian Alternative

Liberalism has been shown to be an entirely arbitrary ideology with little merit. How then should we live?
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