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Thrown From Failing Hands: The Betrayal of Canada’s Honourable Dead

Is modern Canada the home our veterans fought for?

Is Canada Dead?

It is necessary to take a serious look at the state of the Canadian nation, and her relationship with the post national state that governs her.

What’s Left to Conserve

Time seems to be going by faster than ever before. The pre-pandemic world feels like a lifetime ago, and the hectic chaos of 2016 is an increasingly distant memory. Technology has shrunk distance and a month spans an eon, leaving each of us lost in the morass of the everyday

The End of Canada's Tory Age

If Canada's origins lay in Toryism, when did the default party become liberal, and how did the Tories fall?

Navigating Canada in the 21st Century

"Those who crowed at Diefenbaker's fall did not understand the policies of government that were essential if Canada was to survive. In their derision they showed, whether they were aware of it or not, that they really paid allegiance to the homogenized culture of the American Empire"

Oh What a Lovely War

Today is Remembrance Day, a day on which we remember those who went before us. Those who fought, were wounded, and who died at the behest of our nation. What then remains to be said? Again and again, our tiny frontier nation marched to war at the behest of our

The Myth of Progress

What evidence is there that the cracks are beginning to form on this long ascent to a brighter tomorrow? To quoth the Seekers, “The Carnival is over”. The fundamental reality is that infinite growth is impossible upon a finite planet.
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