Richard Carmichael

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Red Toryism: A Greater Course For Conservatism

The Red Tory nationalist-traditionalist movement must be entirely committed to five basic tenets to restore faltering Canadian conservatism. They are: Christianity, Canadian heritage, social paternalism, agrarian localism and anti-Americanism.

Why Canada Should Reduce Immigration and Foreign Guest Admittance

Canada's age of expansion has long passed, and now her citizens face economic and cultural challenges that are only exacerbated by unprecedented rates of immigration.

The Rural Coalition: The Only Path To Conservative Victory

If Canada's Conservatives seeks a majority government, the fault lines of a new nationwide coalition must be redrawn along rural and urban ridings.

Immigration: What it Means for the Canadian Economy

The majority of Canadians can come to terms with one thing, and that is the real economic ramifications of policy. How immigration fares for the bottom line of the average Canadian may be useful in reaching a tenable political consensus.
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