Mark Hecht

Mark Hecht

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Canada’s Future is Radical Decentralization

Mark Hecht suggests that globalization is contingent on technology and social cohesion, a balance that is upended by decline, chaos, and authoritarianism. People's needs become local as greater political structures subside—God is high above and the Tsar is far away.

Why French? Why not Nsyilxcen?

We know that English and French are Canada's official languages. But do the country's anglophones enjoy the same connection to their language as their neighbours across the Ottawa?

The Strange Effect of Internment Camps

Cultural assimilation is often assumed to be driven by an immigrant's love of their new home. But a look at Canada's past shows that negative reinforcement can be just as effective.

A Glance into General Vance

After thirty-nine years of service General Jonathan Vance, Chief of the Defense Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces, has retired. His contribution could be seen as sharp concerning foreign affairs, though severely lacking in respect to his leadership.
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