John Bernard

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Porn Affects Everyone—Including You

When exposing the harm of online pornography, too often the focus is on the struggle of the individual consumer. Less attention is directed towards its impact on society at large; forcing us to access who the real victims are, and what can be done.

The Pandemic of Pornography: A Poison to our Children

Looking at the current state of pornography in Canada one must wonder, where did this all begin? The answer to the latter question is simple. There was never a debate on the legalization of pornography. We were never asked if we wanted it in our society.

The Pornography Pandemic: Part 1


Macdonell on the Heights

“Were it not for the death of General Brock and Macdonell our victory would have been glorious… but in losing our man… is [sic] an irreparable loss”

Where Our Medicine Is Made

Most Canadians know that the pandemic has furloughed non-essential workers across the nation. Many are turning to the government’s CERB program for financial stability. However, a large number of Canadians that take prescription drugs were not prepared for a shortage in their medication...

Make or Break Harbour

The destruction of the Newfoundland way of life by excessive technology.
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