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Episode 14: Vitalism, Nihilism and Christianity

Donoso and Ryan discuss the media's recent criticisms of Erin O'Toole before delving into the modern Vitalist movement stemming from Bronze Age Mindset, and the subsequent Christian response.

Episode 13: The Limits of Tolerance

Ryan and Donoso answer questions from the audience before interviewing William regarding his recent article concerning the limits of tolerance.

Canadian Man Jailed After ‘Misgendering’ His Daughter


O'Toole's pitch to get Conservatives to embrace 'change' may be off to a shaky start


Sean Speer: Supreme Court's carbon tax decision will set election terms for Trudeau and O'Toole


Canada’s Housing Bubble Is Getting Way Worse, And Young People Are Screwed


Canada's immigration minister defends outsourcing visa office to company run by Beijing police

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