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Episode 19: TCJ Goes to the Cottage Again

Ryan, Donoso and John talk about remembrance day, some of the problems with the modern perspectives on war, Canadian politics and general Canadian history

Episode 18: Election analysis: PPC and CPC FAIL

Ryan and Donoso discuss the failures of the Canadian right, the complete collapse of the CPC's urban strategy, the limits of the Canadian left, and the inefficacy of the PPC

Episode 17: TCJ Goes to the Cottage

The TCJ Staff head to the cottage to drink terrible beer and make fun of politicians.

Episode 16: The End of the Nation State

Ryan and Donoso discuss the divorce of the 'nation' and the 'state' and reflect on the consequences of said divorce. In light of the corporate state distancing itself from the nation is the veneration of the state's iconography still valuable politically?

Farmers decry agricultural land in Beauharnois being rezoned for Google data centre


Episode 15: The Harmful Effects of Pornography and the Breakdown of the Family

Ryan, Donoso and John discuss some concerning news stories before delving into John's series of Canadian Journal articles wherein he demonstrates the social harms inherent to pornography and its production.

It's All America's Fault

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