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Episode 12: Judicial Tyranny and the Liberal Charter

Ryan and Donoso discuss Chinese influence on the west coast before diving into Ryan's Judicial Tyranny article.

Rex Murphy: This is the worst Canadian government ever. Can there be any question?


Episode 11: International Finance RIGS the System

Ryan and Donoso discuss the recent Gamestop debacle and the issues with the stock market. Ryan gets angry about numbers in a computer. Finally, the two discuss the issues with Canadian secessionism raised in the Wexit article.

Rex Murphy: Of course the Liberals didn't support Keystone. There was no 'political gain'


Provinces sitting on millions in unspent federal pandemic spending, report says


Report into Julie Payette’s conduct says staff reported ‘toxic’, ‘poisoned’ work atmosphere


Jonathan Kay: If there really are 300 neo-Nazi groups in Canada, why can't anyone name them?

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