C.J Donoso

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The Temple and the Marketplace

Western democracies fancy themselves as having moved beyond the need for primitive religion. But man is a spiritual creature and has found replacements for the Old Faith in the form of progressivism and capitalism.

The Meaning of Nation

Civic nationalism and patriotism are often described as being distinct from ancestral nationalism, but all of these concepts come from the same roots.

Christianity Saved the Roman Empire

By the time Christianity arrived in Rome, traditional Roman religion and morality was collapsing. Christianity was the only answer for a Roman Empire rotting from the inside out.

Nihilism, Vitalism, and Christ

In order to escape the nihilism inherent in the modern world many have turned to vitalism. While vitalism has commendable aspects, without being grounded in Christianity it cannot ultimately transcend nihilism.

Identity Politics and Nominalism

A genuinely conservative response to identity politics must trace them back to their roots in nominalism, a concept that originated before the Enlightment.

Western Separation Begets Annexation

Western alienation is bubbling in Alberta, threatening to rip apart confederation and install a Western republic in Canadian territory. However, conservative separatists do not understand that leaving Canada behind means charting a path towards a much more sinister future.

Asabiyyah: Nationalism and Social Cohesion

People groups are shaped by the land they inhabit just as they shape it with their habitations. The climate, fertility and topography of an area all shape the character of its people.
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